We know we can rely on Steeltech to keep us up and running.

Mike Galligan
Fox Valley Heat Treat
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Steeltech is Your Home for Heat and Corrosion Resistant Products

The use of heat and corrosion resistant products is necessary in many industries, Including Heat Treat, Aerospace, Steel Mill and Cement and Lime. At Steeltech, we offer all the products and materials you need to ensure your furnace equipment, and other components hold up for many years of use. We carry everything you need to make your business more efficient and provide your customers with the service they desire.

A Variety of Products

We carry a number of products that will best suit your needs. If you need to buy cast trays, round grids or even fixtures, we carry a great selection to give you the products you need most. Or maybe you need to buy radiant tubes or furnace rolls to replace your old ones. We want to make sure each of our customers receives the products they need for the best results in their own processes.

We Can Help You Refurbish or Replace Parts

Our selection of heat and corrosion resistant products ensures you can refurbish or replace any parts for a long-lasting life you can rely on. We can help you heat treat parts, as well as replace anything that needs to be replaced, including cast-fab grids, high temperature rolls and wet roll assemblies.

Whether you’re buying Cast-Fab grids, wet or dry roll assemblies or even hearth plates, Steeltech is your top source.