AES Radiant Tubes

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Steeltech Ltd. manufactures a wide range of heat resistant castings and fixtures. We provide a variety of standard and specialty alloys that are designed to withstand adverse temperatures and atmospheres.  Whether designing a new concept or re-engineering an old one, we have the expertise to fulfill your needs. If we don’t carry the size that meets your requirements, let us design the one that’s right for you.

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Our latest technology, alternative energy saving (AES) alloy tube assemblies will reduce your energy usage.

This technology enables your radiant tube assemblies to maintain normal operating temperatures with considerable savings in natural gas consumption. They have been proven to reduce ramp-up times, which allow for shorter cycle time and increased throughput.

Reduced energy consumption and cycle times are not the only benefits of installing AES Radiant Tubes – the service life of these assemblies is often double that of traditional alloy tube assemblies.

Plus, we offer a 5 Year Guarantee on our AES Tubes!
Our in-house, certified welders can produce 0-Type, P-type, S-Type, U-type, W-Type, Three Leg, Inner and Outer, and Bayonet tubes or refurbish your existing tubes.